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blue cruise turkey


Also known as The Blue Voyage Turkey, this style of sailing became increasingly popular over the years and gained a distinctive admiration amongst those who prefer Private Gulet Charter Turkey holidays. A superb way of savoring the blessing of the sun and the sea, interest in Blue Voyage in Turkey is fast growing. Whilst there are many reasons for the ever growing attraction in sailing Turkey, we should like to start with introducing you to this most popular of sea adventures and how Private Gulet Cruises in Turkey has begun.


A few years after the foundation of the Turkish Republic, a political writer, Cevat Sakir Kabaagac, also known popularly as Fisherman of Halikarnas, was exiled to Bodrum for his writings. Bodrum was a small harbor of fishers and spongers and home to a towering castle, built by the Knights of St. John, used as a prison complex then. Cevat Sakir soon found out that Bodrum and the surrounding turquoise coast was something like paradise.


blue cruise turkey foundersEventually he decided to settle down and adopted the name "Fisherman of Halikarnas", writing stories about the town and its inhabitants- in particular, the fishermen and sponge divers. On his regular voyages at sea with fishermen, he gradually got to know the various bays, inlets and coves in and around the Gulf of Gökova. Bodrum and its neighborhoods acquired fame and became a holiday town attracting much attention with the "Blue Cruises" soon after the artist, poet, writer friends of Fisherman of Halikarnas began regularly visiting the town. The visiting intellectuals would take to the sea, cruising on board humble wooden Gulets, which to that day were only used by the fisherman and spongers along the southern coast of Turkey to transport their catch. Of course, un-spoilt bays and coves, the crystalline waters and pristine nature were not the only reasons why those sophisticated and enlightened individuals would keep coming back year after year cruising along turquoise coast of Turkey.


yacht holidays in turkeyThey were also much interested in the cultural remnants of ancient settlements that dotted the shoreline like a pearl string. They were ecstatic when each time they discovered yet another remnant from ancient civilizations and indeed, when they first discovered happiness. Thus the theory of culture, which embraced the cultures of all the people who lived in Western Turkey, was constructed and the Gulf of Gökova became famous and was given the name "Blue Voyage". Today this voyage of exploration, the source of inspiration and enjoyment for Luxury Yacht Charter enthusiasts for over 60 years, the abundance of historical sites, some of which are only accessible by sea, continue to attract holiday makers with an interest in archaeology, culture, history and arts. Indeed, in order to take as much advantage as one can from the pleasant climate of the Aegean and the Mediterranean and satisfy their curiosity about ancient civilizations, island holidays and holidays in Turkey many holiday makers flock to the numerous protected coves, inlets and bays that are surrounded by pine forests along the heavenly shoreline of Turkey on board traditionally crafted Gulets.


special yacht cruise turkey Traditional Gulets have an important place in Private Yacht Charter Turkey holidays and have become an essential part of popular Crewed Yacht Charter style. Typically designed with a sharp bow, broad beam and rounded aft, the Gulets are now designed and fitted with comfortable features and latest technology with sea lovers and fantastic vacations on Private Gulet Charter Turkey in mind. Gone are the primitive, smaller Gulets of the fishermen. Built of pine wood and styled with a pointed fore and rounded aft, Luxury Gulets of today allow passengers more space on deck and offer spacious en-suite cabins to retreat and are often 30-40 meters in length. The decor on deck for dining and lounging in the shade of a sun awning, with numerous sun beds accentuate the exclusive experience of sailing along the coast, as if gliding on a lake in protected coves where magic and mystery reigns without interruption.

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