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42 meters, 6 cabins (max. 12 guests)

The largest single gulet of traditional design in Turkey, her construction had begun in September 2008 in Bodrum. 42 meters in length, this wooden masterpiece was launched in 2010.

Designed specifically to meet the demands of private yacht charter industry, she was meticulously decorated with utmost luxury in mind. Her structural elements and the body is made of mahogany. The deck area is covered with teak wood to complete the feel.

An eye catcher with two masts, she has a sauna, special hygiene systems and water purifier system installed.Her distinguished guests will be pampered by a 7 member highly professional yachting crew. Active in charter industry in the region, she will be weighing anchor for Red Sea in winter season.

With her 900 m2 sail area, she offers superb sailing on board a five start floating hotel.


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