Things to Know Before You Set on Your Blue Voyage

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Below information has been provided in order to make your Private Gulet Charter a superior one and to give you answers about questions you may have in mind. You will find that such questions as what to take with you on board, the seasonal temperatures. Weather conditions and many other details are answered herein.



1) Why should I charter a Private Gulet?

Simply because chartering a private Gulet means you are going to be with your friends or family, no strangers, which is not the case with cabin charters. You may decide your itinerary and food menu. Crew will attend to your wishes and interests only. Besides, private charter Gulets are accustomed to entertaining distinguished guests and celebrities onboard. The professional crew is discreet and confidentiality is an important part of the service offered.

2) What about planning for a Blue Cruise?

Reservations for the Blue Cruise can be made all year round. The high season is a busy time. So we recommend you to book your Gulet well in advance. Best thing to do is to determine how many passengers will be in your group and the approximate dates you wish to go on your Private Gulet Cruise before you start seeking assistance to book a suitable Gulet. We shall be obliged to assist in planning the rest.

3) Which airports are closer?luxury boat holidays turkey

The below listed Aegean and Mediterranean Sea ports are close to international airports. The distances involved are:

  • Bodrum : Bodrum - Milas International Airport (30 minutes)
  • Göcek : Dalaman International Airport- Göcek (20 minutes)
  • Fethiye : Dalaman International Airport-Fethiye (45 minutes)
  • Marmaris : Dalaman International Airport-Marmaris (2 hours)
  • Antalya : Antalya International Airport-Marina (30 minutes)

Provided that it is discussed and planned prior, you may embark upon your Private Gulet Charter in one of the Greek Islands close to Turkish shores. Such may be the Rhodes or Kos islands.

  • Rhodes : Rhodes- International Airport- port (20 minutes)
  • Kos : Kos- International Airport- port (20 minutes)

In addition, there are 2 fast ferries (hydrofoil) that cruise to Marmaris from the Rhodes and the trip takes only 45 minutes. If you wish, you may begin the voyage at the Rhodes and finish at the Rhodes. Likewise, Kos ferries come to Bodrum twice in the afternoons. The trip takes about 45 minutes on regular ferries. Again, you may begin the Voyage at Kos and finish at Kos.

Either way, you need to take into account that the transit log and port costs as well as the agency service fees in Greek Waters are not included in our fees.

4) I don't know what itinerary would be the best to take?

luxury motoryacht charter turkey It depends on where your interests lay. If you are a regular Blue Cruiser, you will want to search for options that you haven't yet tried, which may include the Greek Islands as well. If this will be your first time, we suggest you start with the classic Bodrum-Bodrum route. The Gulf of Gocek is abundant with unspoilt nature and antique sites and has a lot to offer to appeal to all interests. Please visit the Suggested Itineraries Section for detailed information on various routes. You may sail to the Dodecanese and the Cyclades Island groups in Greek Waters on your Blue Voyage. Which islands you would want to see depends entirely on the time you have spared fort his once in a lifetime Luxury Yacht Charter! In addition, you may begin the voyage on one of the Greek Islands and finish there. .

luxury yacht holidays turkey 5) Airport Transfers?

Majority of the time, quotations include airport transfers to and from, unless agreed otherwise. You will be met at the airport by our personnel and transferred to the port on air-conditioned vehicles. Again, at the end of your Private Yacht Charter Holiday, we will transfer you to the airport.

6) What about bringing children on board?

Children of up to 13 are usually able to look after themselves. Indeed, most Gulets are child-friendly; however, the crew will be busy attending to their duties throughout the day and usually are not at liberty to offer childcare services. Therefore children under the age of 13 will be under the care of adults and a nanny might be appropriate in certain cases.

private blue cruise holidays turkey 7) What do I put in my luggage?

"Travel Light" is the motto on a private gulet cruise experience. Indeed, due to the fact that the storage areas are limited on board your vessel, it is best not to bring excessive luggage.

private boat charter turkey Your time on board the Gulet is a care free and light hearted one. Your swimming costumes, a few loose fitting cotton t-shirts and shorts are a must. A pair of jeans or corduroys and trekking shoes for trekking activities would be useful. Shoes with rubber soles for usage on board are advised.

Of course don't forget the usual cameras, video recorders, sun glasses, sun cream, mosquito spray as well as your IPod device containing your favorite music. Dramamine, an inexpensive sea sickness remedy available at Turkish Pharmacies is also advised in case you may be prone to feel sea sickness. Take it before you feel bad... not after! You may try taking some ginger root with you while at sea and also eating some ginger root prior to leaving port. Consult your doctor about this option.

8) How do we Charge mobile phones and camera batteries?

All Gulets have generators and whilst the generators are on, you can easily charge your batteries by plugging them into the sockets provided in the cabins. Your Captain will guide you through such details once you embark upon your voyage.

9) Shall I get Insurance Cover before my Cruising Holiday?

The Gulet remains insured by the owner during your charter. We always recommended that you take suitable personal insurance cover in your country of abode in case of unforeseen circumstances.

10) How do I keep in touch with outside world whilst cruising?

Most privately chartered Gulets are equipped the state of the art communications equipment including cellular phones, global satellite communications and radio telephones and internet.

11) But I am a cigarette smoker?

Gulets are wooden vessels. Smoking is rarely permitted inside the yachts due to the possibility of damage to furnishings and fire indeed. However, most Captains will allow you to smoke on the outside deck areas. Substances considered contraband/illegal on land are also considered contraband/illegal on board.

12) How about safety measures on board?

The Gulets we care to include in our portfolio are inspected by the harbor masters on an annual basis. The life jackets, life raft, fire extinguishers and all technical equipment are checked and only after that the Gulets are considered sea worthy. The upper deck is surrounded with hand-rails. A dinghy with outboard engine is ready at all times for emergency situations.

13) Can we arrange add-on excursions or combined land trips?

 private gulet holidays bodrum Certainly. We will do our best to put you in touch with the right people and perhaps arrange it on your behalf if you wish. Places that may be visited are limitless such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ephesus, Cappadocia, Selçuk, Pamukkale, Troy, Myra, Arykanda, and Kekova to name a few.

14) Is there a possibility of shark attack?

Don't worry! There is not a single reported case of shark attack in the entire history of the country. Your experience of swimming in Turkish waters will be a safe one. The closest you may get to a large mammal may be swimming with friendly dolphins.

15) I would like to try my hand at diving?

We can assist you in arranging daily/weekly diving tours and CMAS and PADI certificate courses.private gulet charter turkey

16) Now that everything is arranged, what do we do?

When you arrive at the nearest airport to your yacht, we will arrange for you to be met on arrival and escorted to your yacht. The level of formality between the crew and your party is entirely up to you, bearing in mind the need to work closely with your captain.

17) Will the crew and the Gulet be prepared by the time we are ready to embark?

Before your embarkation, your captain will have received an information sheet giving the names and the approximate ages of your party, when, where and which flights you arrive on and also the details of any food, drink or special dietary requirements you may have, so that your yacht is fully stocked and can commence your cruise at once.

18) Dietary requirements and special events?

The crew will be informed of any dietary requirements prior to your arrival. We can also arrange special party events on board for your guests or that pleasant surprise you wish to give that someone special. You are kindly requested to inform us for Food and Beverage Preferences prior in order for us to prepare fully in time for your arrival.

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19) How is the weather going to be?

In summer season the Aegean and Mediterranean weather is hot and continues to become mild through to September. Seasonal changes in wind and temperatures may be experienced in Greek waters.

The best time for a Blue Cruise is generally between May and October. There are those who prefer April or November also. July- August period is high season for Gulet tours. The weather is warmer and there are more travelers around in the high season. May is the beginning of the Cruising season. The climate gets warmer as about June and the water is warmer too. The regular season is good for both enjoying the water as well as trekking trips on land. By the time July arrives the climate is at its warmest and flocks of tourists are seen. September is one of the best periods for the weather allows everything from swimming to, trekking on land and tours to antique settlements.

Of course, in light of the information above, it is you who will decide when the best time is for your Dream Holiday. Unless you absolutely must take your holiday in July or August, our advice would be to Charter a Gulet at the beginning of the season in May, June or towards the end in September and October.


  • Mid-May and June : Hot sunny days; rather cool evenings
  • July, August and early September : Very hot with brisker winds; warm evenings
  • End of September and October : Still warm and sunny; evenings cooler

20) What about the food on board?

private yacht cruise turkey As is well known by the gastronome and those with gusto in Mediterranean food, Turkish cuisine is rich in variety. The rich deluxe menu served on board our boats consist of fresh fish and sea food, chicken and red meat. In addition, our talented chefs prepare various foods and appetizers from local herbs and vegetables using best quality olive oil. Of course, seasonal salads and a variety of fruits are an indispensible part of the menu on board. In addition, each day at 5 O'clock teatime, holiday makers treat themselves to locally made pastries, cakes, tea and coffee.

21) What sea sports can we engage in whilst on a Blue Cruise?private yacht charter turkey

The Gulets in our fleet are much more equipped than other Gulets in terms of sea sports. One may enjoy water skiing; wind surfing, canoeing, ringo riding, banana riding, snorkeling, fishing and even Jet skiing on some of the boats.

22) Can we bring our own beverages?

Without a question, you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on board.

23) Odds and ends

We would also be obliged to arrange any extras you may want in order to make your Private Gulet Holidays an unforgettable one. We can assist you in hiring a car for you at any of the major ports you visit. We can arrange for accommodation at motels / hotels should you wish for such a change during your holiday. Please notify us prior of any extras you may wish to specify when reserving your yacht.


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