Daily Life on Board The Gulet

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For one thing, compared to other holidaying options, life on board a Blue Cruiser is much more enchanting and fun than for example, spending your time at a holiday resort on land. You can be sure to have almost all of the luxuries you can expect from a five star hotel. Your air conditioned, en-suite cabins, sunbathing and lazing about on deck, space to engage in various recreational activities are there just for you, personally. Additionally, those of you wanting to have an active time will have the opportunity to engage in water sports at will. All these details are no different to what you will get in a luxury hotel.




On the other hand, there are many sides to a Private Gulet Charter that may be superior to a land based holiday. Indeed, Luxury Holidays on board a Gulet are no different to having your very own floating hotel. Apart from the standard facilities in the cabins, the salon area is also air conditioned and could be considered to be the lobby of a hotel. LCD TV, music systems, backgammon and card sets are thought of in order to provide you with fun times at leisure. luxury blue cruise holidays turkeyThe spacious deck areas at the fore and aft section allow alfresco dinners to be had, spend some time reading in tranquility or simply, do nothing!. In short, considered to be hotels afloat, Gulets are different in that the scenery constantly changes unlike a resort. Surely, dropping anchor at a different cove and waking up to different scenery and sounds of silence each day must be a royal feeling. How the day will pass by as you cruise will entirely be up to you. Does having breakfast in an isolated inlet, surrounded by pine forests to the songs of a variety of wild life sound attractive? May be you would like to have a dip in the crystalline waters of azure blue seas before breakfast and gather some energy before you begin the day? Your private chef will have prepared the breakfast by then. So it is time to enjoy a sumptuous variety of fresh food. Rest of day is shaped entirely by your wishes and interests. General tendency is to weigh anchor and move on towards the next heavenly spot.


As your hand crafted yacht glides over the sea, some in your group may prefer to read at a favorite corner as they take in the gentle caress of the wind, some prefer to surrender to the rays of the sun and feel the
occasional splash of sea water carried by the wind. And yet some may want to delve in painting or drawing the surrounding vastness of the Mother Nature as they perceive it whilst some of you may observe the others and have fun photographing or filming the surroundings, immortalizing this once in a life time luxury boating event.




Luxury Gulet Charter TurkeyWhen it is about lunch time, your Captain will steer into another piece of paradise along the route. If your
itinerary does not allow you to drop anchor for lunch, no problem, you will move on and enjoy the lunch al fresco until you arrive at the spot where you plan to spend the night. You may still have time for a bit of swimming, snorkeling or going more active and skiing or canoeing before dinner time. Your Captain will have discussed with you about other opportunities for land based activities, depending on your itinerary. As you know, Blue Voyage also means trekking, historical sight seeing or even meeting the locals going about their life in sleepy villages along the shores. Your captain will guide you as to various cultural and antique attractions that could be experienced.



Night fall means possibly the most enjoyable hours of the day is near. It is dinner time; time to savor the most delicious samples of the Aegean and Mediterranean Cuisine, accompanied by fresh sea food varieties and seasonal vegetables and fruit. A Luxury Gulet Holiday is also a cruise through exquisitely tasty dish varieties indeed. The best and most serene surroundings will have been already determined by your Captain for your overnight stay. The night will be long under the flickering lights of trillions of stars of the Aegean skies. Phosphorescence over the azure blue waters will already have captivated your soul. Long conversations through to the late hours will leave more unforgettable memories; the energy spent throughout the day will enliven for yet another adventure the next day.


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