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21 meters, 4 cabins (max. 8 guests)

The name of the boat was created by changing a single letter of Greek song called as Theos An Einai. Thus, the name of the song which means, “If there is God” was turned into “If there are Gods” and became the name of this wooden girl.

The classic traditional Gulet, best known for its rounded aft, low profile in the water and roomy hull, is still handcrafted by master boat builders in the area of Bodrum and Marmaris, Fethiye etc.

This 21 meter classic design gulet has 4 cabins. One of the cabins is the master cabin at fore section and remaining 3 cabins have double bedding arrangements. All cabins are air conditioned and have private lavatory and showers. She is manned by a 3 member crew. The captain-owner is a talented chef. English, French and Dutch are spoken opn board. In short, if you prefer a warm, family atmosphere, she is one of the best choices at cost friendly arrangements, .


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