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24 meters, 3 cabins (max. 6 guests)

Lately there has been a surge on the number of gulets, designed for relatively small groups of 6 to 8 passengers, proposing to provide luxury and comfort that is equal to that offered by larger and more luxurious gulets and one of the latest samples of that trend, gulet ‘White Goose’ was launched in 2011 in order to serve such clientele much more economically in private gulet charter sector.

‘White Goose’ is 24 meters in length and has 3 spacious master cabins. Her cabins are fitted with Satellite Broadcast apparatus, LCD TV screens for when they retreat to their cabins. Additionally, in order to cater for clients when in saloon area LCD TV and DVD players are thought of. Each cabin has private bathroom facilities. Her passengers are attended by 3 member professional crew.

As to water sports equipment o board for the passengers, she has water skiing (optional) equipment, 1 canoe and snorkeling sets for the passengers.

In summary this gulet is perfect for families with children or small groups of friends who want a certain level of luxury but do not want to foregoe luxuries of sailing.


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