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30 meters, 5 cabins (max. 10 guests)

Xenos III still one of the most distinguished gulets serving in Luxury Gulet Charters sector since her launch in the year 2000. The fact that many famous actors and actresses, fashion designers and statesmen have chosen her for their Blue Cruise on their Turkey Sailing Holidays along the Aegean and Mediterranean Shores of Turkey has contributed a lot to her popularity. Needless to say, it is no wonder that she is now in competition with her sister ship Xenos IV.

Xenos III is an original gulet; that is to say she has a rounded aft section. A dining table for 10 at the aft deck and elegant chairs around propose an excellent ambiance. From the aft deck can be reached the equally beautiful, air conditioned saloon from where leads a corridor to the 5 cabins. The master cabin with king size bedding arrangements is situated at the prow section and has two separate shower cubicles. Opposite the Master cabin are 2 cabins with twin bedding arrangements. The remaining 2 cabins closer to the salon also have double bedding arrangements.

Xenos III offers the opportunity engage in such water sports as waterskiing, wind surfing, canoeing and fun toys as ringo and banana riding, snorkeling and fishing.


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