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Private  Gulet Charter on board traditional wooden gulets or goolets come to ones mind when speaking one of the most unique cruise experiences; 'Blue Voyages'. Without doubt, Blue Cruises originated in Bodrum. In line with the developments on yacht building, tradition spread to Marmaris, Bozburun and Fethiye. Indeed, Bodrum still leads the industry of quality gulet building and contributes hugely to most innovative Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey sector.





TODAY'S MODERN GULETSKaya Guneri 4 in a bay

Today, there are many gulets of various standards serving the Blue Cruise sector. Contemporary approach in gulet cruise industry resulted in the vessels amalgamating technological possibilities into aesthetic features of the gulets. At this point in time, air conditioning for example is almost a standard feature for many of the various styles of gulets. Additionally, luxury class gulets feature satellite broadcast, internet connection, DVD players and Ipod connections, minibars etc. in the guest cabins.

In short, there is a gulet for everyone and every budget in order to have a fun filled Private Gulet Charter Turkey holidays. Please take the first step in planning your cruising holiday by visiting our portfolio of selected gulets.

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